A Good Day to Die Hard actor Bruce Willis has admitted that he used to call up his Hollywood idols to tell them how much he loved their work.

Speaking to GQ magazine, the 57-year-old star recalled a time when he contacted the late actress, Barbara Stanwyck, to praise her talents.

Willis explained: ''I remember, back then, in my hubris, thinking everyone wants to see me. I called Barbara Stanwyck at the L'Ermitage Hotel, where she was spending the later years of her life. She says, 'Who is this?' Very cranky. 'It's Bruce Willis. I was just calling to say that I'm such a huge fan.' 'Oh. OK. Thank you.'

''My hubris exceeded my understanding of not bothering people. I don't make those calls so much anymore.''

Bruce, who starred as a private detective in TV series Moonlighting in the 1980s, further revealed that he was thrilled when Cary Grant sent him a note praising the show.

He added: ''It would take me a long time to think what the last funny movie I saw was. Moonlighting was kind of screwball comedy. Talk real fast. Be funny. Cary Grant sent us a note, because he watched Moonlighting. It was awesome ... yeah.''

A Good Day to Die Hard is out now.