Judd Apatow is concerned that his new movie This Is 40 could end the careers of his family.

The 45-year-old filmaker's wife Leslie Mann and their two daughters, Maude and Charlotte, all feature in his new comedy, a spin-off of Knocked Up, and the actor believes that just makes people want the project to fail.

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Speaking to Grazia magazine, Apatow said: ''This could really destroy my children's lives. I could end all our careers in one swoop.

''People tend not to want families to work well together. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck doing a movie together? You wanted that to fail. It makes the journey more treacherous.''

He further revealed that he obsesses over his movies because he fears things will go wrong if he doesn't.

''I expect everything to go wrong. Actually, that's not true. I expect everything to go wrong if I don't concentrate on every single detail of it.

''I have a core reactor inside of me that is so nervous and stressed.

''Even when I'm laughing my ass off, I have this engine in me of spewing, toxic goo trying to prevent me from 100 per cent worrying about it all going awry.''