Emmerdale newcomer Wil Johnson has admitted that he fears his character, Dominic Andrews, will be killed off as part of the show’s Cameron Murray plot.

Johnson, who recently joined the popular show as single dad Dominic Andrews, joked that he is terrified of Cameron (Dominic Power).

Speaking to Inside Soap, Johnson said: "I'm terrified of Cameron - I don't close my eyes for one second when that dangerous geezer is around!

"It's quite funny because I rarely see Dominic Power, even though we share a dressing room. Dom and Cameron haven't shared much screen time yet, but I'm very careful not to give him a motive for murdering me!"

When asked to name a possible love interest for his character, Johnson further pitched in: "It'd have to be Alicia. David really isn't the one for her. He's had his chance and he blew it. Let a big man step in and show the young boy how to do it!"

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