It's Pancake Tuesday, and Operation Transformation's Dr Eva Orsmond has given RTÉ TEN her recipe for Finnish, waistline-friendly pancakes – approximately 200kcal per pancake!

The Ingredients for One Pancake:
1 egg
50ml milk
1 tblsp all purpose flour
Artificial sweetener
Oil to spray
100g raspberries

The Method:
1) Break one egg in a bowl and add the milk. While whisking, add the flour - preferably through a sieve as this will avoid lumps.

2) Add some artificial sweetener if you like sweet pancakes.

3) Let stand for 15-30 minutes.

4) Spray a non-stick pan with oil and let warm up to medium (approx to 4 if your hob is maximum 6) and then pour the egg/milk mixture in and let cook until the one side is firm and then flip it over.

5) Serve with raspberries or with squeezed lemon.

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