Anger Management star Charlie Sheen has said that he won’t tie the knot again.

The 47-year-old actor admitted that he has learnt his lesson after three failed marriages, explaining that he never wants to walk down the aisle again.

Speaking on Katie Couric's talk show, Sheen said: ''In baseball when you strike out three times... It's a golden sombrero. Four times is a platinum sombrero... I'm not wearing the platinum sombrero of marriage.''

The former Two and a Half Men star, who is currently dating 24-year-old Georgia Jones, recently spoke out about his public breakdown, saying: '[It wasn't] a meltdown but a meltforward. I don't know what happened, man. It wasn't just the show. It was 30 years. Gaaaah. I didn't know what to do.

"I wanted to swallow my own teeth... I was kind of adrift at sea. I didn't have any charts or GPS. No nav system.''