Following her controversial behaviour towards team leader Charlotte O'Connell on last Wednesday's show, Operation Transformation's Dr Eva Orsmond has said she will be apologising to the 23-year-old this week - and revealed that she herself has considered quitting the series.

On The Saturday Night Show, host Brendan O'Connor asked Orsmond if she regretted the way she had spoken to O'Connell, who missed her weight loss target by half a pound.

She replied: "I do. I think it was too harsh. But you need to remember I have a little bit different background [Finland] as well, y'know. So I would say things more straight and, y'know, behave myself slightly differently."

After Orsmond moved to explain her reaction on Wednesday night's show, O'Connor said: "I take all those points and everything, and it was kind of tough love and you want her to succeed, but I know that there's [sic] been a lot of complaints, hasn't [sic] there I believe to RTÉ and to the production company."

Orsmond answered: "Because you Irish people are very kind and you do say things very nicely."

When it was put to Orsmond that people had alleged her behaviour towards O'Connell amounted to bullying, she replied: "Now bullying – what is bullying? I think I know what bullying is myself, because I was bullied myself when I was a child. So I think I know and I don't think that's bullying when you say [it to] somebody straight. I think the way I said it, when I look now back, it's very rough and it can be intimidating."

Describing herself as "a little bit of a prima donna", Orsmond said the controversy had rattled her "a serious amount".

When asked if she had thought about "retiring" from the show after the fallout from the episode, Orsmond said: "I have been thinking about it. It's been very stressful. I wouldn't like people to think I'm that type of person because I'm not. I'm very caring. I do my profession very diligently."

Pressed by O'Connor about staying with Operation Transformation, she replied: "You see, if Operation Transformation makes changes and it's actually getting somewhere and people think that I'm good on the programme and I'm needed... But I definitely don't want to be in the programme if people think that they don't want to watch the programme and it's bad for the country."

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