Emmerdale actress Natalie Anderson has said that her character Alicia Gallagher is going to be pursued by a guy who is “keen to woo” her “in a very nice way!”

Speaking to OK magazine, Anderson said: "[It's] someone in the village, and I can't say who! But she is pursued by this person - in a very nice way.

"She's not sure about her feelings, but the attention is nice, and of course it will be fascinating to see how David (Matthew Wolfenden) reacts to that!"

She added that Alicia is about to get an image makeover: "This new look's a little bit classier, as she's slightly going up in the world.

“It's still Alicia, of course, but in a business environment, so you'll still get her in tight dresses, but not quite as short, and not quite as low!"