Beetlejuice director Tim Burton is delighted with the Oscar nomination that his film Frankenweenie has received in the Best Animated Feature category.

Speaking to Vulture, Burton said: "It's really nice [to get an Academy Award nod], especially for a film like that.

"Everybody works really hard for something like this, especially the people who work in a dark room for a couple of years."

He added: "The thing about stop-motion is that it's such a slow, painful process - one frame at a time. The positive side is that it helps keep the medium alive.

"It's not high on to-do lists for studio execs to make stop-motion, let alone black-and-white stop-motion. There's still a bit of a stigma, so any sort of positive response is meaningful."

When asked about wanting his films to be successful in terms of critics and the box-office, he said: “No one wants to feel like they weren't, unless they're doing some kind of weird art-house thing: ‘I hope nobody sees this film! And if they see the film, I'm selling out!’ You hope for success, but it's a strange phenomenon.

"You have a movie that gets s*****, crappy, horrible reviews but makes a lot of money; you have a movie that gets good, decent reviews, but then no one goes to see it.

"I've been lucky, even if a film didn't do that well [at the box office], I end up meeting people who connected with it, and that evens the score."

Frankenweenie is up against Brave, ParaNorman, The Pirates! Band of Misfits and Wreck-It-Ralph for Best Animated Feature when the Oscars take place on February 24 in Los Angeles.