With his feature directing debut I Give It a Year opening in Irish cinemas on Friday February 8, Ali G, Borat and Bruno writer Dan Mazer has told RTÉ TEN that the chance to subvert, and do justice, to the genre was his reason for making a rom-com.

Written by Mazer, I Give It a Year tells the story of Josh (Rafe Spall) and Nat (Rose Byrne), a struggling writer and successful PR executive who marry after a whirlwind romance but who already have their wedding guests betting on how long they'll last.

Mazer told RTÉ TEN: "I particularly have been burnt many times by going to the cinema, expecting to be delighted and entertained by a rom-com and ultimately they're never particularly romantic or comedic.

"Y'know, they're sort of the unlikely story of a gruff Australian sheep farmer who somehow gets together with a ditsy LA PR girl and they have two weeks to find an engagement ring that's been swallowed by a dog in Venice. Somehow they manage to do it and in the process find love with one another. And it doesn't tell you anything about relationships and has nothing authentic or even particularly funny to say.

"I just thought, 'I've seen enough of the unlikely couple get together'. What I'm interested in is A) the reality of marriage and B) the point almost at which that rom-com ends – the big wedding – and you see the couple, not necessarily a perfect match for each other. What happens next?"

You can find out what happens next in cinemas from Friday February 8, and watch the trailer by clicking the link on your left.