Singer Chris Brown is reported to have been invovled in a row with Frank Ocean over a car parking space in LA last Sunday.

According to reports on LA-based gossip website TMZ, the pair had a run in when Brown was exiting LA's Westlake Studio as Frank arrived for a session with his friends.

23-year-old Brown had been at the venue with an artist he represents. TMZ reports that on his way out of the studio, he was confronted and blocked from leaving. A source claims that 25-year-old hip hop genius Frank said to him: "This is my studio, this is my parking spot."

TMZ then report that Brown went to shake hands with Frank but was attacked by one of his entourage, prompting one of Brown's mates to leap to his defence.

A source also states that Frank squared up to Brown, who pushed him away and the pair then started fighting.

Police were called to the scene but by the time they arrived Brown - who is still on probation for assaulting Rihanna in 2009 - had left.

It is claimed that no arrests were made and that nobody wants to press charges. However, cops are reportedly looking to talk to Brown and are classing Frank as the "victim" because he remained at the scene to speak to them.