After spending time in a simulator for his Oscar-nominated role in the movie Flight, Denzel Washington has told RTÉ TEN that he would have mixed feelings about learning how to fly in real life.

In Flight, Washington plays Captain William 'Whip' Whitaker, an airline pilot who is hailed as a hero after a crash-landing, only to have his sobriety at the time of the crash called into question.

You can watch RTÉ TEN's interview with Denzel Washington, and a featurette on the crash in Flight, by clicking the links on your left.

When asked if his work in the flight simulator would inspire him to study for a pilot's licence, Washington replied: "I haven't done it, but, I mean, I wouldn't mind."

However, he added: "You know, I play a part and then I want to put that behind me. I don't want to bring it along – I'm off to the next thing. So it didn't bring out my inner John Travolta!"

Of his first time in the flight simulator, he said: "It was just great fun. I kind of went all over the runway! First of all, I'm trying to do this [pretends to steer] and the pilot's like, 'That's for the wings - that's not going to help you with the wheels!' It's actually pedals on the floor, and you have to balance it out.

"The surprising thing was the speed; you really get the sense of heading down that runway at 200 miles an hour, trying to keep this thing straight and take off. Didn't have to practise landing, though!"

Flight opens in Irish cinemas on Friday February 1.