It has been announced that Episodes, the comedy series in which Matt LeBlanc stars as Matt LeBlanc, is set to base an episode around the actor’s real-life appearance on BBC One’s The Graham Norton Show.

LeBlanc was a guest on the hit Friday night chat show last April in which he appeared alongside actor Zac Efron. LeBlanc told TV Guide "Zac Efron was in first position." adding “We actually came out at the same time, but Zac got to sit closest to Graham on the couch."

Episodes co-creator David Crane has said that while real Matt was "fine" with the seating arrangement, fictional Matt will have a major meltdown when the same scenario unfolds on The Tonight Show.

Crane said "It's the first time [he's been slotted in second] and it sends him into a tailspin."

Episodes is shown on BBC Two and on Showtime in the US.