Irish actor Jack Reynor has revealed he is undertaking intense physical training for his role in Transformers 4 opposite Mark Wahlberg.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz at the London Critics Circle Film Awards last night, the 20-year-old actor admitted that he is hoping to bulk up for the action flick, saying: ''I'm training very intensely at the moment. I'm going to keep that up until we shoot. I'm going to do some different courses, some different things I need to pick up for the film. My character seems to be a race car driver so I'm going to be doing a couple of driving courses and getting out on the track.''

When asked how he landed a part in the successful Transformers series, Reynor added: ''It was after a film I was doing, The Delivery Man, with Dreamworks. I went through quite a rigorous audition process out in L.A., and after a certain amount of auditions and meetings with different executives, I managed to pull it off.''

The What Richard Did star further explained that he hasn't met his co-star Mark Wahlberg yet, but admitted that he is a huge fan of the Ted star.

He said: ''I haven't met him before, but I'm really excited. He's one of my favourite actors. I just think he's brilliant. I have a huge amount of respect for him as an actor so I can't wait to get on set with him.''

Transformers 4 is rumoured to begin filming in May.