American sci-fi show Fringe comes to an end tonight with a double bill simulcast on both sides of the Atlantic.

After five years of strange occurrences, alternate universes, and some truly incredible performances from John Noble as loopy scientist Walter Bishop, the cult favourite is finally bowing out.

This fifth and final season has been about the remaining Fringe crew battling against the dehumanisation of the world by the oppressive, follical and humour-challenged Observers.

Tonight’s series finale sees the climax of that apocalyptic conflict, as Olivia (Anna Torv), Peter (Joshua Jackson), and Walter try to defeat the Observers and make Earth human again.

For the show’s many millions of fans around the globe, tonight will be an emotional one. Fringe may have started out as something an X-Files wannabe, but it ultimately created a unique mythology.

RTÉ TEN doffs its cap and bows to one of modern TV’s truly original and hugely enjoyable shows. So long, Fringe. It was great fun while it lasted.

The Fringe finale is on Sky One tonight (Friday night/Saturday morning Jan 18/19) at 1.10am.