Tom Cruise has claimed that he never gets tired of doing his own action stunts.

The 50-year-old, currently starring in Jack Reacher, insists he will never become bored of shooting blockbuster films as he loves the adrenaline rush that danger gives him.

ContactMusic quotes Cruise as saying: ''I love acting, I just love it. To be part of stories and create character, I just love it. I love being on a movie set and working with the best.

"When I'm doing stunt movies you always have some sort of injury. Even with the high-speed car crashes that we had - I never tire of it actually.''

Cruise, who famously prides himself on not using a stunt double, says that he always likes to push the boundaries when filming.

Metaphorically jumping up and down on a chatshow sofa, he added: ''It's really fun and I keep thinking about what it's going to look like and that it's going to entertain an audience. So it's fun doing it and trying to figure out, can we do it? How far can we push it?

''When I start working on a piece of material I get very excited about the potential of doing something that hadn't been seen before, that I haven't done before.''