Beady Eye's second album will veer away from their rock 'n' roll sound.

Speaking to Q magazine, guitarist Gem Archer said: ''Some of it is beyond music. It's not a rock 'n' roll record, put it that way. And Liam's voice, you've never heard him like this. He's completely in your face, man. Almost like his nose is touching yours which is a scary proposition.''

The Liam Gallagher led band, which also includes Chris Sharrock and Andy Bell, have also promised the record will be an improvement on their debut.

Speaking about Different Gear, Still Speeding, Liam added: ''It was done off the back of Oasis,it wasn't progressive enough, we hadn't moved on. There were good moments, but it just didn't connect. This one is not so stuck in its 60s rut. Obviously there's [John] Lennon vibes in there, but we've turned it on its head.''