RTÉ 2fm presenter Jenny Greene spoke to Ryan Tubridy about heading to Australia tomorrow for her first club tour.

Speaking after her interview on 2fm, the Electric Disco presenter told RTÉ TEN: “As I said to Ryan this morning, this is my first time heading to Australia and it'll be lovely to bring a little piece of home to all the Irish over there.

“I'll be streaming The Electric Disco Oz special from Sydney, Friday January 25 and Saturday 26th on 2fm.

“We'll be filming a tour diary throughout our stay and you can keep up to date with all the live action on Facebook & twitter facebook.com/djjennygreene and twitter.com/djjennygreene”.

In an interview with The Star recently, she said: “We get so much feedback from the Irish in Australia every Saturday night on 2fm, that I have been wanting to go and play for them for ages.”