Singer/songwriter Bob Dylan and his label Sony Music have released 100 copies of his latest box set to a handful of shops in Europe.

Fans have launched a search for one of the very rare box sets which have been released to a select few stores in the UK, Germany, France and Sweden.

Sony Music has said that the compilation, The 50th Anniversary Collection, is not meant for mass consumption but is designed to exploit a European copyright loophole.

A source told Rolling Stone magazine: "This isn't a scheme to make money.

“The whole point of copyrighting [this material] is that we intend to do something with it at some point in the future. But it wasn't the right time to do it right after [Dylan] released Tempest."

Whatever the reason, the four-CD set of 86 songs which were recorded between 1962 and 1963, have already sent fans into a flurry on ebay, with boxsets reaching over €798.