Matt Damon learnt to multi-task while co-writing the script for Promised Land.

The 42-year-old father of four helped pen the plot for the new film and admits that he was easily distracted working at home due to the demands of his children.

Speaking to Collider, Damon explained that he managed to find a good balance between work life and family life, saying: ''I've gotten much better at multi-tasking. It's hard, though. But, writing a script is not totally focused. You're taking little breaks, all the time. If a kid runs in, you give 'em a horsey ride, and then you're like, 'Okay, what we'll say is this...' It's a pretty fluid process.

"So, during those weekends we'd write, and then we'd go back to our day jobs and revise, mark up the margins and make notes, so that we'd be ready, five days later, to get back together and start putting that stuff in. It took shape really quickly and it was clear, pretty early on, that we were really going to do it.''

Damon further explained that John Krasinski, who he stars alongside in the movie, was very good with his children, adding: ''He was doing the show (The Office) and I was doing We Bought A Zoo, and he just started showing up to my house on weekends. He'd show up with breakfast and we'd eat and then start working. We'd work all day Saturday, and then have dinner. He'd help with the kids.

"I don't think he did diapers, but he definitely had kids crawling all over him. He was like, If you walked into the room and saw what was happening, you'd go, 'There's no way a script is going to come out of this!' ''