With her new show Britain's Brightest part of BBC One's 2013 Saturday night schedule, presenter Clare Balding has said she will be judged more on her appearance than in the past.

In a Radio Times interview, she said: "I'm putting myself into a different genre - I'm therefore saying to the public, 'Can you accept me in a completely different format?' and that is risky.

"And obviously because it's Saturday night, I've got to glam up a bit. You know, there will be a few people who go, 'Oh, I don't like what she's wearing'."

On the subject of ambition, Balding said: "I think 'ambitious' is one of those adjectives used for women in a derogatory way - and, yet, I think ambition is crucial in life - you have to know what you might be capable of and push yourself slightly beyond it."

But when asked if she would ever host a chat show, Balding replied: "I don't know whether a chat show isn't pushing it too far."