Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe has revealed that he doubts about taking on the role of Javert in the film version of the musical Les Misérables.

Speaking about the first time producer Cameron Mackinstosh approached him about the possibility of Crowe playing Javert, the 48-year-old actor said: "Funnily enough, I had a negative response to the idea of it when it first came to me, when [producer] Cameron Mackintosh wanted to have a meeting in London."

"I was actually on my way to Europe for a friend's wedding, so I popped into London and went to the stage show with him and we talked afterwards."

He continued: "For me, and this is probably an unpopular attitude to have, considering what we're talking about, but I didn't like the character in the stage show, I didn't respond to it at all. I just thought it was overly simplistic and I couldn't follow why he came to the conclusions he came to, you know?"

Speaking to Flicks and Bits Crowe went on to credit director Tom Hooper with convincing him to join the star studded Les Misérables cast. He said: “When I had my meeting with Tom Hooper I started outlining all these things that I saw as being negatives and my reasons for saying 'Thanks, but no thanks.

"And somehow in that meeting with Tom, all of those questions became my responsibility."

"And I left the meeting determined to be involved in the project and play Javert. I think it had something to do with Tom's passion for what he was about to undertake, and he clearly understood the problems and he clearly understood the challenge.

"I just felt a determination to answer all those questions and find solutions for all those questions and problems. You want to be on film sets with people who are like that, with directors who might not have all the answers, but they're clear in their determination to achieve them."

Les Misérables opens in Irish cinemas on January 11