Coronation Street star Ben Price has said that there is a huge twist in store for his character Nick Tilsey in the near future. Warning: Spoiler Alert!

During an interview on This Morning today, Ben explained that there is a life-changing storyline on the way for his character that is separate to the current love triangle plot.

When asked what he is filming at the moment, Price said: "I'm quite a way ahead - I'm into February now, March. I finish on Friday, we get two weeks off [for Christmas] and the studio stops, which is great. Then we come back and you're a bit more energised.

"But the story moves on so quickly in Corrie. Now I'm dealing with a whole different kind of mess. Peter's sort of gone to the side, and I'm dealing in something very, very big. Huge, really big!

"[It] happens on Christmas Day apart from the wedding. It will ripple through his life for the rest of time - and the Platts'!"

He added: "This is what's great about Corrie - you can play these big, big stories so quickly. The audience think, 'Well, I've got you in a box' - but no, no, you haven't. You're going to see Nick lose that veneer he's had for so long, I think."