The final scenes of cult sci-fi classic Fringe have been filmed ahead of its New Year climax.

Fringe showrunner JH Wyman told Entertainment Weekly that it has been a bittersweet week for the Fringe cast and crew as they bring the series to a close after five seasons.

"[On Thursday], we had an emotional day in the lab with a scene involving Walter [John Noble] and Peter [Joshua Jackson]," the producer said.

"As they were performing it, you could hear a pin drop. After it was over, there was applause because it was so incredible, and sitting with John Noble after it was over, it all sort of hit me.

"I had been so busy, I never took time to realise, 'Wow, it's over'. We both took a moment and sat there in silence. It was very heavy. Lots of strange emotions."

During its five-season run, Fringe has developed a loyal and devoted fanbase. The science fiction series also earned two Emmy nominations, as well as seven Saturn Awards.

Lance Reddick – who plays Fringe chief Broyles – recently described the upcoming Fringe finale as “the perfect way to end the series”.

Fringe bows out with two final back-to-back episodes in the US on January 18th on Fox and in mid-February on Sky One.