With Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey arriving in cinemas tomorrow, Thursday December 13, star Martin Freeman has been telling RTÉ TEN about his first day of filming, when he met Andy Serkis' Gollum.

You can watch RTÉ TEN's interview with Martin Freeman by clicking the link on your left.

The Riddles in the Dark sequence finds Bilbo Baggins (Freeman) encountering Gollum (Serkis) for the first time and has been hailed as one of the movie's best scenes.

Freeman said: "I'm hearing that a lot from people. That's easily one of my favourite points of the film. Easily. I loved doing it; we did it like a little play. We did it over and over again, all in one go. And Andy makes that a pleasure."

Asked about his feelings on that first day of shooting, Freeman replied: "I remember being very excited and I'm sure I was a little nervous; I'm sure I was – and I think I only realised it as the day went on. I think consciously I was like, 'Great, we've been here a couple of months rehearsing; now I want to film'. I must've been nervous in some way because it was a new job."

He continued: "But Andy is so good; Andy obviously knows that character better than anyone. Pete knows this world better than anyone, so you do really feel safe.

"You feel like [you're] in really, really good hands to experiment and to play and get things wrong. That's the most crucial thing: you have to be able to fail. And I did. But you hopefully succeed enough that there's something to go in the film!"