Michelle Collins has opened up about her love scenes with co-star Ryan Thomas on Coronation Street, saying that they are "not very romantic".

The actress, whose character Stella Price begins a relationship with Jason Grimshaw this week, revealed that she and Thomas collided with each other while filming kissing scenes.

When asked by ITV.com how she found shooting the storyline, Collins said: "It is very funny, I am really enjoying it. The romantic scenes are not very romantic.

"One day we clashed heads and he ended up with a nose bleed and I ended up with a swollen cheek.

"They were supposed to bring some ice and they brought out a cold potato as it was the only thing they could find so he was there with a bleeding nose and I was holding a potato on my cheek!

"But I don't generally mind kissing scenes, you just have to get on with them, I don't find them awkward."

Collins spoke about the development of their relationship, adding: "In the beginning it is all playful banter really and she does think it would just be a one-off. She is a bit embarrassed and mortified when people start saying things.

"She even apologises to him and says it was just a one-off and she is surprised when he says he wants to see her again. Then she finds it all quite liberating and she even makes an announcement in the pub!"