Businessmen Donald Trump and Lord Alan Sugar got involved in a major Twitter row today to the amusement of their many followers.

The exchange started over the subject of windmills in Scotland but quickly escalated to include The Apprentice (and who does or does not own it), business and who has more Twitter followers than the other.

Trump is currently involved in a controversial golf course development in Aberdeenshire in Scotland and he has criticised the UK government for supporting the expansion of windfarms in the area tweeting "How can George Osborne reduce UK debt while spending billions to subsidize Scotland's garbage wind turbines that are destroying the country?You're all wrong—check the facts! UK is massively subsidizing Scotland's wind turbines & the people don't want them."

At which point Lord Sugar joined the conversation saying "Scottish don't want wind turbines........I think you have that wrong . The Scottish don't want you !"

The conversation continued with Trump saying Sugar was no good on The UK Apprentice and claiming that he owns the show and Sugar should be grateful to him for making it such a success in the US. He also asserted that he had approved Sugar to do the UK version which Sugar dismissed as rubbish saying Mark Burnett owed the programme.

Sugar later tweeted "you only have 1.9 m followers not good for your ego how comes I have 2.5m and you have 6 times more population than UK."