Merlin star Colin Morgan has promised that fans will be "satisfied" with the show's two-part finale.

The fantasy drama will draw to a close on Christmas Eve and Morgan who plays the part of Merlin, insisted that the ending is “100% right”.

Speaking to TV Series Finale, the Irish actor said: "It's all like I expected. You know, I wasn't sure where it was exactly going to go and certainly when I read the final script, I was surprised about the story that they told and the way they told it. But... I think everyone will be really satisfied with it."

The 26-year-old actor further explained that he is unsure about part-taking in a Merlin movie if it was to come about, adding: "Never say never, because the show's done so well and it has such an amazing following. The fifth season feels like such a right way to end it though. I think it's such a strong ending. It's the strongest the series has ever been.

"So, to continue it on, from an actor's point of view, there's a risk that I might not enjoy doing that. The risk that it might be something I don't believe in, like I believe in the rest of it."

Merlin continues on BBC One this Saturday (December 8) at 7.55pm.