Noel Gallagher has revealed that he hopes to perform with Blur’s Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon when they support him at a concert next year.

Following years of rivalry between their respective former bands, Oasis and Blur, Gallagher hopes the musicians will share the stage at London’s Teenage Cancer Trust concert in the Royal Albert Hall next year.

Speaking at a press conference in London yesterday Gallagher said: “They’ll be playing Blur songs, I would think. I’ll be playing mine.

“Will we share the stage together? I hope so. I’m up for it. It’s always good to have a little jam.”

He added: “I’d initially wanted Blur to do it, because they’ve never done it. I was on tour with Graham, and asked him, and he said Blur had kind of been put to bed, it went back and forth, and they said they’d do it. And yeah: 10 years ago, who’d have thought it?”

Asked if he ever played any Blur songs, he said: “I do play Tender sometimes at home to myself, when Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Minute Meals is on. He’s got some good stuff going on there!”