US President Barack Obama wasn't remotely dazed and confused when he presented Led Zeppelin with the prestigious Kennedy Centre Honours at the White House last Sunday.

Watch the video here.

The band, who have just released Celebration Day, a live album and DVD of their 2007 performance at London’s 02, received the award for their contribution to American culture and the arts.

Led Zep meet Prez Obama at the Whitehouse

"We honour Led Zeppelin for making us feel young and for showing us that some guys who are not completely youthful can still rock," Obama said. “Led Zeppelin grabbed America from the opening chord.”

"It’s been said that a generation of young people survived teenage angst with a pair of headphones and a Zeppelin album but even now, 32 years after John Bonham’s passing, the Zeppelin legacy lives on."

Jimmy Page (68), Robert Plant (64) and bass player John Paul Jones (66) dined with the President at the ceremony and he remarked upon Page and Jones’ good table manners.

He also joked about the band's wild reputation in its heyday: "These guys also redefined the rock 'n' roll lifestyle. We do not have video of this . . . But there was some hotel rooms trashed and mayhem all around.

"So it's fitting that we’re doing this in a room with windows that are about three inches thick -- and Secret Service all around. So, guys, just settle down. These paintings are valuable.”