The Walking Dead star David Morrissey has promised an explosive mid-season finale.

The zombie drama's final episode for 2012 airs Stateside on AMC this Sunday (December 2nd) and on British satellite channel FX UK the following Friday (December 7th).

Morrissey has become central to the show during the current third season as his rather chilling character, the Governor, was added to the storyline based on the hugely popular comic book.

"I will say it's not just about Rick (played by Andrew Lincoln) and the Governor," Morrissey told Vulture.

"Lots of different relationships within those two communities explode and implode in the next episode. It plays out in a surprising way."

The English actor went on to admit that he does not perceive The Governor as evil, and instead describes him as a "troubled man".

"This man is trying to desensitize himself to this terrible world he's found himself in," he feels. "I think there is a conscience in there, a slight sense of troubled man. I really do."

Morrissey also revealed that he has received fan acclaim - both positive and negative - for his performance on Twitter.

"I get a lot of messages," he said. "They've all been positive, even the negative ones, which are basically, 'I hate your guts'. I take that as a positive thing!"