It is reported that EastEnders hardman Phil (Steve McFadden) will reach something of a crossroads in his life in the soap next week.

Warning: spoiler alert!

The Radio Times reports that after son Ben receives a four-year prison sentence for the death of Heather Trott, Phil apologises to Jay (Jamie Borthwick) for how he has treated him and says he should have looked for help for Ben a long time ago.

Phil tells Jay to move on with his life and says he worries he will ruin the teenager in the same way he ruined Ben.

When Phil offers to shake Jay's hand, Jay hugs him instead.

And Phil's emotional day does not end there.

At a meeting with social services over baby Lexi, he tells the authorities that he has called off his engagement to Sharon (Letitia Dean), later explaining to his old flame that someone would have informed on them about the sham.

However, the old Phil returns when he confronts Jack (Scott Maslen) and warns him that if Lexi is taken into care he will hold him responsible.

The scenes will air on BBC One and RTÉ One on Monday December 3.