A Michael Hutchence biopic entitled Two Worlds Colliding has been given the green light.

Just A Man: The Real Michael Hutchence - a book written by Hutchence's sister and late mother - will be used as source material by provocative New York filmmaker Robert Galinsky.

Galinsky has said that he hopes to secure the blessing of Hutchence's family and the remaining members of Hutchence's band INXS.

"I chased the idea 12 years ago but there was so much litigation and family issues, it looked too harsh," Galinsky told Encore magazine.

"But recently I was made aware of Trevor Ray Field - who was good friends of [Michael's sister] Tina Hutchence - and he brought me the book.

"Over the course of the last month we negotiated the rights with Tina, and we hit the mark. I like music biopics to be about the person, not just sex, drugs and rock'n'roll.

"It's going to be a heartfelt, interesting project about a complex life, like Ray or Walk the Line."

Casting and the search for a director are both expected to get underway in the New Year.

Hutchence was found dead in a Sydney hotel room 15 years ago today (November 22nd). He was 37.