Ahead of the band's date at Dublin's 02 on Wednesday November 28, Madness frontman Suggs has told RTÉ TEN that the ska legends have had "three punch-ups" while trying to decide what songs to play.

When asked how the setlist was shaping up for the tour to promote new album Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da, Suggs joked: "Good. It's going through the usual process: we've had three punch-ups about it so far! It's coming on. There's never a dull moment in Madness, I must say".

"You ask about the setlist and quite seriously we've had 45 emails, six band meetings, 42 arguments and three punch-ups. And we still haven't decided what it's going to be yet!"

As to clues, Suggs said: "Of course you play the chestnuts and they'll always be there and they're a great joy to play. And then a certain amount of the new songs and then there are discussions about slightly obscure songs that we haven't played for a long time, just out of interest. That's when the arguing starts!"

"After 10 albums it gets a bit complicated as to what songs are going to make it and what aren't. I think that's one of the saving graces of the band as well: the filtration process is so convoluted that nothing gets past it unless it's good."

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Asked about why he thought Madness had such a strong bond with Irish audiences over the years, Suggs replied: "There's a bit of Irish in the band... I think vocabulary is one thing".

"I could make some cheesy parallel between the way [the] Irish are portrayed, or were, and the way Madness were portrayed - a bit of mistaking good humour for lack of intelligence, for want of a better phrase".

"And I think just the fact that we like a ****** good time but we're not stupid with it."