Another hopeful was sent home on MasterChef Ireland last night leaving just seven in the hunt to win the title.

49-year-old Andy Spencer, who lives in Dalkey in Dublin but is originally from Yorkshire, was eliminated by the judges, who didn’t doubt his passion for flavour but said he lacked the finesse to continue in the competition.

Following his elimination he said “I think I got out while the going was good. I am a good homecook... MasterChef I’m not sure!”
Last night the contestants faced two challenges – firstly cooking for a group selected on 2fm’s Colm Hayes Show in a pop-up restaurant and secondly replicating a very complicated dish demonstrated in a masterclass by Finnish Chef Mickael Viljanen of The Greenhouse Restaurant on Dawson Street in Dublin.

In the pop-up restaurant challenge the final eight had to team into groups of two with each pair presenting a course to the diners with mixed results. The second task to create Viljanen's signature dish of Hay-smoked pigeon, beetroot, chicory and grapes was a solo one during which Nicha seemed to particularly impress the judges.

If you want to try your hand at the masterclass recipe click here.