Veteran actress Anne Reid has said that she wishes her scenes with Daniel Craig in the controversial 2003 film The Mother had been "sexually wilder".

Reid was 68 when she made the film, which told the story of a widow who falls in love with her daughter's boyfriend, played by the then 35-year-old Craig.

Speaking to the Radio Times about the film, Reid said: "I had doubts at first. I thought it would put people off their tea, and the night before the sex scenes I drank too much champagne, but I'm glad I did it because it was daring and I like challenges.

"I wish I'd been more adventurous, sexually wilder, in the film."

Reid continued: "I was worried I'd look a fool, but, oh blimey, no, I don't regret it. I got noticed and had wonderful trips to film festivals.

"It brought me other parts, but I was never offered anything sexy. It happened to me a bit too late.

"You have to keep going, keep trying something new. I enjoy life. My instinct would be to sit and watch TV, but I keep pushing myself. You either grow or you sink. I take the next job and hope people keep asking."

Reid stars in the new BBC One comedy-drama Last Tango in Halifax, which begins on Tuesday November 20.