An EastEnders hard man finds himself wrongly accused of assault in the show next week.

Warning: spoiler alert!

The Daily Star says that after an argument with father Derek (Jamie Foreman) in the boxing club, son Joey (David Witts) throws himself into lockers.

He then emerges with blood pouring from his nose and tells everyone that Derek attacked him.

A source told the paper: "For once Derek is telling the truth. But with his track record and reputation no one believes him.

"Joey does a really convincing act of pulling the wool over everyone's eyes with his stunt and he revels in all the sympathy.

"He's managed to put his dad in a bad light once again and even [uncles] Max (Jake Wood) and Jack (Scott Maslen) are both disgusted with Derek.

"Joey has always been there for [sister] Alice (Jasmyn Banks), unlike his dad, so he takes offence at the way he gloats about controlling what she does.

"It really makes him see red and he knows just how to get to his dad. He sees his dad for what he is because of the way he’s always tormenting him.

"Things are only going to get worse between dad and son until Christmas."

The scenes will air on BBC One and RTÉ One on Thursday November 22.