Comedian Katherine Lynch pays tribute to her grand uncle poet Patrick Kavanagh on a recording of his most famous piece, On Raglan Road.

Lynch, currently hosting Katherine Lynch's Big Fat Breakfast Show on RTÉ Two, is also set to release her debut album, Settling Dust, at the end of November.

On the song, written by Kavanagh and made even more famous by Luke Kelly, Lynch plays it straight and doesn’t give it a more idiosyncratic treatment. It even includes a sample of Kavanagh’s voice and the bells of St. Bartholomew’s Church just off Raglan Road itself.

The Leitrim native was approached by the Crashed Music Group (home to The Dubliners, Horslips and Mary Coughlin) last year to make a recording.

Lynch had already begun writing songs and Settling Dust features seven self-penned tracks. According to Crash, “the songs deal with loss, love, fathers and home.”

She has also recorded covers of Caledonia, Black is The Colour, and Magic Nights In The Lobby Bar by Corkman John Spillane.

"It's going to blow people away," says Keith O'Connor of Crashed Music. "I think there's a shock factor with Katherine doing something like this but once they get over that they'll be suprised."

Lynch's cover of Raglan Road has the blessing of the Trustees of the Estate of the late Katherine B. Kavanagh, through the Jonathan Williams Literary Agency.