The follow-up to My Bloody Valentine's 1991 album Loveless is finally on its away according to lead singer Kevin Shields.

Shields revealed that the Dublin-London band’s new album will be released on their website before the end of the year - and insists that fans will not be disappointed.

“I think with this record, people who like us will immediately connect with something,” he says.

“Based on the very, very few people who’ve heard stuff – some engineers, the band, and that’s about it – some people think it’s stranger than Loveless. I don’t. I feel like it really frees us up, and in the bigger picture it’s 100 per cent necessary.'

The new album will be followed in the New Year by an EP of new material before the band head to Japan to headline the Tokyo Rocks Festival in May 2013.

Shields said: “Tokyo Rocks going to be interesting because it’s going to be in a new venue, Primal Scream played it last year and (MBV bassist) Debbie played with them, she said it was good so we were like ‘Cool, we’ll do it’.

“It’s in some baseball stadium, it’ll be the biggest semi-enclosed gig we’ve ever done.”