Roscommon star Chris O'Dowd has admitted that he’s not comfortable with being considered a heart-throb.

The 33-year-old actor rejects his new-found status as a ladies’ man since appearing in the hit romcom Bridesmaids and thinks he will only be good-looking when he gets much older.

"I'm far less appealing in real life”, he told Time Out magazine. “I really don't know what to say about it".

"Look, I've never been lavished with female attention. My mother used to say: 'You just haven't grown into your face yet.' When I hit 60 I'm going to be a real stunner!"

And it looks as though O’Dowd is determined to undermine his cuddly image, as he will be seen on the big screen in less appealing parts than Officer Nathan Rhodes, his character in Bridesmaids.

"I'm a bit of a d***head in my next three or four films. That's how uncomfortable I feel with female attention. I'm basing my career on stopping it."