Javier Bardem has revealed that he tries to avoid the "celebrity trap".

The Skyfall actor, who is married to Penelope Cruz, said that he has no desire to be a "superstar" in spite of his status as an Oscar-winner.

Bardem told The Sun: "I don't want to discuss things that are too personal. I keep as low a profile as possible. When fame invaded my life in Spain I couldn't walk around without some guy telling me stupid things. So I try to avoid the celebrity trap.

"Oh, it was fun at first, because you're only 20 years old and everyone is giving you all this attention. But after a couple of months I said, 'This is bad, there is nothing good in this', and I still think the same. I promote a film I like but there's a moment where you go, 'Enough'.

"My job is public. I don't want to be a superstar."

Bardem added that he liked acting because "it's about disguising yourself", saying: "I have something of all my roles in me, but I'm none of them".