Publishers HarperCollins have formed a partnership with Johnny Depp to create a book imprint.

The new line will share its name with Depp's production company Infinitum Nihil, a Latin phrase that means Nothing is forever.

Already on the list of books is The Unraveled Tales of Bob Dylan, by historian Douglas Brinkley, who conducted exclusive interviews with Dylan. It’s scheduled for release in 2015.

Depp and Brinkley have teamed up before, most recently co-writing the Grammy-nominated liner notes for the documentary Gonzo: the Life and Work of Dr Hunter S Thompson.

In January 2013 Depp's imprint will publish folk singer Woody Guthrie's novel, House of Earth, about people battling with banks in the Texas Panhandle. Guthrie finished the novel in 1947 but didn't seek its publication.

Other celebrities with their own imprints include American stand-up comedian and actress Chelsea Handler, and American television personality and celebrity chef Rachael Ray.