Nick Munier and Dylan McGrath have said that while they were impressed with the MasterChef Ireland contestants in the first round of this year’s competition, the talent may not last.

Speaking to RTÉ Ten on the set of this year’s MasterChef Ireland, the judges said that this year, while the dishes prepared for them in the first round where of a high standard, the talent didn’t necessarily follow through to later rounds.

Nick said: "Everyone saw the first year and then they realised what we were looking for so [this year] they came on with one great dish, so that got them though the first round but all the tasks going down the road you really do have to step up to the mark. You’ve got to be really on the ball."

Nick added: "It’s become very serious and the competition is really heating up now."

Dylan was particularly happy that not as many people opted to cook a curry for their first dish. He said: "we didn’t get as many curries as we did the year before which was great, because it has its place but it’s not up to scratch."

He added: "Everyone who got an apron certainly gave us a really strong, polished dish. Then once we started throwing the curveballs at them it went up and down because you can’t prepare for that. It really is [about] how talented they are. There is nowhere to hide."

You can watch MasterChef Ireland on RTÉ Two, Thursday, 9.30pm.