Two Ramsay Street residents are set to begin planning a sham wedding in a forthcoming storyline. Warning: Spoiler Alert!

Vanessa Villante and Lucas Fitzgerald are set to stage a fake wedding in an upcoming plot when Vanessa’s mother Francesca arrives in Ramsay Street for a visit.

Fearing Francesca (Carmelina di Guglielmo) won't approve of her complicated personal life, Vanessa allows her mum to believe that she and Lucas (Scott Major) are officially an item, according to Digital Spy.

However, the situation gets even more complicated when Francesca insists that they should make their 'union' official by walking down the aisle.

Lucas agrees to go ahead with the plan to save Vanessa from being isolated by her family.

Speaking to TV Week, Alin Sumarwata, who plays the part of Vanessa, said: "More lies have to be made to accommodate previous lies. Inevitably, a boiling point is reached where it gets heartbreakingly messy for everyone involved."