Leona Lewis has spoken about her upbringing in East London and said she could have easily ended up like Amy Winehouse.

The 28 year-old X Factor winner spoke to Fabulous magazine about her tough upbringing in East London. "I grew up having to be streetwise, having to know how to handle myself" Lewis said.

"It would have been very easy for me because of where I come from. It would probably have been very easy for me to have been like Amy, but I just wouldn't do that."

"I'm a Hackney girl" Lewis said, "I can handle myself. If I was in a club and someone pulled a gun, I would stay calm because it's not out of my world."

Lewis spoke earlier this week to The Guardian and revealed a hidden talent for rapping, saying "I do like to rap sometimes, but that’s not on the album. When I’m in the car and there’s a song on I’ll go onto Google and look up the lyrics and rap along. I do a lot of Nicki Minaj songs".

Lewis' new single, Trouble, is released next week. The singer is confirmed to be performing on The X Factor this weekend for the Sunday night results show.