Actor Liam Neeson doesn't have high hopes for a third Taken movie as he doesn’t think they could come up with a believable enough story.

Speaking to RTÉ Ten the Irish actor admitted that he was even hesitant to take part in a sequel to the action packed thriller. He said: "I had reservations about doing the sequel. About two years ago, the producers came to me with a storyline that was not particularly good. I thought the first film was complete in its self."

However, Neeson explains the writers went away and came back to him with a better script that made him change his mind about doing a follow up. He said: "But then they came back with this scenario and I thought well maybe this can work, ok, let’s go for it."

Asked if he there was scope for a third movie, Neeson wasn’t so sure. He said: "I personally don’t think so I really don’t. I just can’t envisage a scenario where it would be believable."

He added: "I think Luc Besson our producer an isn’t keen on a third one. but never say never."