Tina Fey has opened up about the final season of 30 Rock and hinted at which characters may be seen again.

"Matthew Broderick [will be] reprising the role he did six years ago as Cooter Burger... he was super funny," Fey disclosed.

The writer, star and executive producer of the show also said "hopefully Elaine Stritch" who plays Alec Baldwin's character's mother will return.

Fey has hopes that two former love interests of her character, Liz Lemon, will re-appear, Dean Winters [as Dennis] and Michael Sheen. "I hope we can find a reason to bring back Michael Sheen as Wesley Snipes," she added.

U.S. Olympian Ryan Lochte has also filmed a guest appearance for the final season.

Speaking about the end of seven seasons of the hit show, which is based on a team of comedy writers working for NBC, Fey said: "It definitely already feels bittersweet and I feel as we get closer and closer to the end, it will be more and more emotional."

"I'll just see an old prop or [have] some random interaction and I'll start to get emotional. So I just push it down. Eventually the lid is going to come off."