They finished as runners-up in last year’s sixth series of Britain’s Got Talent, being beaten to the winning post by dancing dog act Ashleigh and Pudsey. Now Jonathan & Charlotte are set to launch their debut album Together. RTÉ TEN caught up the duo to get all of the gossip.

Can you still remember how it felt receiving a standing ovation from the crowd?
Charlotte: I think even at the time we didn’t know how it felt. It was the most surreal day. Everything just merges into one and you can’t really remember what happened.

What can fans expect from your debut album Together?
A whole lot more. We have the semi-final song on there, Caruso. We also have some real classics from way back like Ave Maria, Canto Della Terra and after that we have more modern songs that have taken the classical crossover approach.

Charlotte: We do songs like Rule the World by Take That, Unintended by Muse, Your Song by Elton John and we’ve kind of put our own little Jonathan & Charlotte stamp on it.

How have you changed since entering the studio?
Jonathan: I think we have both learnt a whole lot.

Charlotte: Yeah, it was the first time we had ever stepped into a studio. It was kind of like everything was the first time. We were constantly learning. It was such a good process that we felt pressurised into learning everything so quickly.

How involved has Simon Cowell been in the process?
Jonathan: He hasn’t been directly involved, but he has been in touch via email and via the record label.

You are clearly extremely close friends. Has this bond strengthened in the last year?
Charlotte: I think being in the whole Britain’s Got Talent process and everything we have done afterwards made our friendship stronger than it was before, as we are with each other every day. We kind of describe it as a brother/sister relationship if you like.

Jonathan, when we first met you, you were extremely shy? Have you come out of your shell since the show?
Jonathan: I would say I am fully out of my shell. My shell is about 20 metres behind me.

Jonathan, you previously spoke about how you were bullied growing up over your weight. Did you feel under any pressure to change during the competition?
I was under no pressure to change anything about myself during the show and I still don’t want to. I would like to be an icon to people who have gone through bullying and who are going through bullying. My main aim is to help people who have gone through similar circumstances.

Simon was initially sceptical of the pair of you performing as a duo. How did it feel to prove him wrong?
Charlotte: It was amazing because not many people get to say that they have done that. It kind of made everything that bit more satisfying.

How did it feel to come second to Pudsey the dog?
Charlotte: Do you know what I fell in love with Ashley and Pudsey. They are both lovely and she worked so hard to get there. If you say you lost to a dog, it does sound a bit weird but he was amazing. People just forget to say that you lost to an amazing dog.

Are you still in touch with any of the other contestants?
Charlotte: We have stayed in touch with pretty much everyone who was in the final. We speak to mostly Sam Kelly and Aquabatique and the Loveable Rogues who we talk to most.

Who would you say your musical inspirations are?
Charlotte: For me it would be a lady called Samantha Barks who is involved in musical theatre. I think she is amazing.

Jonathan: For me it would almost definitely be Andrea Bocelli because i mean he is just him.

Is it true that you are going to star in an upcoming documentary?
Charlotte: This is very true. We have a documentary coming out at the end of October about our daily lives and how different it is from when we are at home and when we are out doing all of these amazing things in the classical world. It’s going to be on ITV primetime TV, and it’s basically a big long hour about our journey to date.

What does the future have in store for Jonathan and Charlotte?
Charlotte: We haven’t got any set gigs or tours tied down yet. We are just focusing on promoting the album at the moment. We are attending the Classical Brit Awards in October which we are very excited for, and we are just working on getting ourselves out there and spreading our name.

Any plans to visit Ireland? Charlotte: I love Ireland, I literally do. I’ve never been but I have friends over there and I keep meaning to visit. We will definitely be stopping there when we start touring.

Together is on sale now!