Julie Goodyear has ruled out ever returning to Coronation Street. Goodyear played the part of Bet Lynch for over 25 years on the hit soap until 1995.

Despite making several brief returns to the cobbles, she confirmed that she will not be making any future appearances on the popular show.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, Goodyear said: "I'll never play her on screen again. I'm in a position where I've worked hard so I can pick and choose what I do. I don't want a return to the spotlight.

"Fans ask me about Bet every day but I want to leave my legacy as it is. With quantity you lose quality. And I'm a perfectionist. I have done 25 years and more than 2,000 episodes. The schedule now is so much tougher than when I was on it."

Speaking of meeting fans, she added: "Because people feel they know me, they don't feel like they're meeting an intimidating character. The public sees me as a friend.

"Bet was everybody's friend, sister, mother, auntie. I always have time for fans. They're the ones who put me there in the first place."

Goodyear finished seventh on this summer's Celebrity Big Brother.