Two Neighbours characters are set to start a steamy affair in the coming months. Warning! Spoiler Alert!

Neighbours characters Priya Kapoor and Paul Robinson are to start an affair in the coming months.

The Ramsay Street residents, who have been flirting for weeks, are set to engage in a passionate moment on Paul’s doorstep in a future episode.

Speaking to TV Week, Stefan Dennis (Paul), said: "This is an affair borne out of hatred and, for both Paul and Priya, that seems to make it even more passionate. Paul also discovers that Priya loves the danger of an affair as much as he does.

"Paul is obviously physically attracted to Priya, but he also loves women who challenge him."

Menik Gooneratne, who plays married principal Priya, added: "It will continue as Priya does choose to keep it going. That is something really unthinkable to her, but yet she does."

Meanwhile, Dennis promised that the affair would be discovered at some point, saying: "It's a time bomb that will eventually go off in a big way. It will shake up Paul's household, and it will shake up the Kapoor household.

"This is Ramsay Street after all, so things can't be kept secret forever!"