There is more drama in store for Coronation Street's Kirsty after the recent arrival of her baby daughter, Ruby. Warning! Spoiler Alert!

Her baby with partner Tyrone is abducted by her father, Ed.

Actress Natalie Gumede told "When Ruby goes missing her first reaction is not that it has anything to do with dad.

"Kirsty has been having a nap upstairs and Ruby was sleeping in the pram outside. She is just in a blind panic knocking on doors and desperate to see if anyone has seen or heard anything."

The actress said that the storyline will end with a lot of anger and a major row between Tyrone (Alan Halsall), Kirsty and her parents, Ed and Alison.

She added "I am thrilled that Kirsty's parents are back, it gives such an insight into Kirsty. [Alison] is found at the bus stop by Tyrone and he thinks that this may be the answer to the problem."

"To have the mum there helping out eases the pressure on him and the worry. Her mum says that she has left her dad because she can't take the abuse any more and Tyrone suggests that she stays with them to help with the baby.

"But Kirsty is not immediately receptive, she recognises straight away that dad will come looking and that by mum being at the house they are all placed in danger."